About the game

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About the game

Lasergame (or lasertag) is an action game combining computer games with games like paintball and airsoft. It just doesn’t hurt, doesn’t make stains and can be played in a special laser arena thorough the year.

Lasergame advantages


Firing a laser is not like using a laser pointer. You can see a whole laser beam and it is best visible on the opponent. And you can fire thousands of beams like that!


You will have a nice time running and burning few calories while playing. In fact you will stretch most of your muscles while crouching, turning, leaning out of cover and many other moves. All of that with lasergun in hand always ready to fire.


You will be under fire from all sides and want it or not, the game will sooner or later drag you in. You’ll be trying to hide untill you realize that be the first to attack is so much better…

Team action

Lasergame isn’t an individual game. It's a team event with friends, collegues or with new people on a free evening. It's ideal for women, no age restrictions at all.

Our arenas

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