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Faq – generally

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Are sportswear and sport clothes required?

Solid shoes (sport ideal) are required! A sportswear isn't, but you will sweat yourselves during the game (it's all time running), it is so more comfortable to have a different pair of clothes and a towel.


Do you have a locker room? Can I place my stuff anywhere safely?

We have a changing room and a locker room with lockable cabinets. You can lock your clothes, a bag or valuables there.


Can I have a shower after a game?

Yes, there are showers free to use for our customers. Don't forget your towel ;)


What is the required age of a player?

The youngest player was four years old, but had a hokey gear on, so he could carry a vest. The ability to play is more about a height of a player (minimum around 120 cm). If you play with younger kids, it is needed to warn all players to prevent injuries. Also you are entering to the arena on your own risk, so you have to bring your legal representative.


Do children have to bring an adult?

Yes, in the case of children younger than 15 years they has to bring a legal representative older than 18 years.


Can laser injure my eyes?

Our laser can't. We have lasers with the capacity lesser than 1mW and a length of exposure lesser than 25 ms. Your sight is immune to that kind of light.


Minimum and maximum number of players?

The minimum number of players for one game is 6, the maximum is 15. We recommend inviting more players and count on a fact that some people won't be able to show up.


Can we pay by card?

Yes, you can. You can also use „leisure coupons“ Sodexo and Edenred. Look on this picture to see colors of coupons that you can use. Click Here


The price and the length of a game?

The length of the game is 15 minutes. In case of time rental, we can set the length individually. Prices can be found here


Can the obstacle paint be cleaned from clothes?

The paint can be cleaned. If you won't lean on them too much (or fall on them), you won't even get dirty.


Are black clothes necessary?

They're not but provide a little advantage.


Do you have any refreshments?

In our bar we have a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, beer, frisco and various sweets to regain energy after the fight.


Can we park at your address?

There is a large parking lot around our building where you can park. It costs 50 CZK/hour. Right next to the Lasergame there is a large parking lot (Millenium center) where parking costs 40 CZK/hour.


Dou you have also tournaments or other events?

We organize classic and thematic tournaments for various age categories. We also organize greater events for various reasons.


Can I bring my own music?

Your own music is not allowed, Czech legal system is not clear about this issue. Also we have many music themes to choose from.


Do you have gift coupons?

Yes, we offer tailored gift coupons for birthdays or Christmas. 1 game = 100 CZK. Minimum number of games is 2.


Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we offer several kinds of discount: 80 CZK/game for children aged 0–15 yrs until 4 PM, 85 CZK/game for students up to 26 yrs until 6 PM. We also have a special discount for school groups during school time (75 CZK per game). Also there is a discount price for members ESN MUNI BRNO on Masaryk university. Larger groups and companies can have an individual price.


Can you organize a special event for more people?

Of course, we have various team buildings or tournaments for example. If you wish, we can also arrange a catering for you.


Is color-blindness a problem?

There are various forms of color-blindness. In case of full color-blindness for all three colors you won't see a difference between a friend and a foe. In case of disability to see blue color you won't have a problem.


Is epilepsy a problem?

A few epileptics played in our arena and told us that they had no problems. It is of course needed to notify us in advance, but everything should be alright.


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